Course plan: Come4Global 2024 - Competence fostering on mental health literacy for global nursing education

Zoom link for use throughout the course

Note: A discussion hour will be held on following the day after the lectures


May 2. The course starts. Intro and get together.

May 8. 13:00 pm. Webinar 1 Concept of Mental Health Literacy (1 hour)

  • Mental health literacy as a concept. (Led by TURKU UAS)
  • Given assignment: Reflective task (in moodle). Chat discussions. Deadline by May 15.

May 9 13:00 pm. A discussion hour

May 15. 13:00 pm. Webinar 2 Global Mental Health Promotion

May 16 13:00 pm. A discussion hour

May 22 . 13:00 pm. Webinar 3 Building Resilience in Mental Health

May 23 13:00 pm. A discussion hour

May 29. 13:00 pm. Webinar 4 (summary of the course)

May 31 Course ends (deadline for all assignments)

May 17. Part 2. Global mental health promotion

  • Lectures and webinar: (Led by SANU)
  •  Video lectures, Moodle tasks. 
  • Assignment: Group task: Work shop. Poster presentation + feedback. Deadline by May 31.

May 22. Possibility of online supervision and joint processing for work shops (voluntary)

Students organizes themselves

May 24. Part 3. Building resilience in mental health. 

  • Lectures and webinar (Led by SANU)
  • Lectures, video lectures, moodle tasks. 

If you have questions regarding to tasks or assignment in Moodle, please contact senior Lecture Mr. Korhonen:

Safe4Child pictureOnline course 4cr : Self learning materials and tasks 

Virtual Reality Simulation (Including debriefing) 1cr

Assessment: Approved

Welcome to Well@School!

School professionals face the challenges related to the mental well-being of school children, in their daily work. New kind of competences are needed so that children and young people can receive support and help for finding ways to cope with various challenges affecting mental health.

The Well@School project builds new knowledge and practices for higher education. The aim of the project is to ensure that primary school teachers, health professionals and curators have the competences required for promoting mental health in school communities, using digital methods.